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The Decemberchild Story

Superior Olive with special guest Aynsley Dunbar on drums performing last year at Decemberchild 2013, Photo by Tiffany O'loughlin

The genesis for the Decemberchild celebration began with Superior Olive lead vocalist and guitarist Tom Savell’s own experience as a child. His birthday within a week of Christmas, Tom recalls, "I remember one year getting no birthday party/cake, and "combination" Christmas/birthday gifts. Afterwards, I begged my parents to start celebrating my birthday in the middle of June instead. I wanted it to be as far away from Christmas as possible. My parents refused. So many people have had similar experiences. I wanted to have a birthday party for all of us."

Now with thousands of dollars in Decemberchild donations over the past few years, he uses those experiences to help others. “Seeing the great work done by the volunteers at VCUM for the Valley Christmas Project makes me know that all the hard work is worth it,” says Tom. “They literally wrap up thousands of presents for needy children who wouldn’t otherwise get anything for Christmas. It makes me feel fortunate.”

The first Decemberchild party was held at Felicita Park in Escondido, CA in the early 1990’s. When Superior Olive started playing, many of the people that were picnicking at the park came over to see the band. We found out that everyone at the park was celebrating their December birthday with their families. What a surprise! For more information, please visit and

Facts about Decemberchild:

  • Over the years, Decemberchild has been held in Escondido, Brookdale, Santa Cruz and Felton.

  • The late Jacob John Savell deserves most of the credit for driving and inspiring the event,as well as for the many small touches that made the events so memorable.

  • Decemberchild concerts have featured famous artists such as drummer Aynsley Dunbar,It's a Beautiful Day leaders David & Linda Laflamme, and percussionist Jorge Bermudez.